Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mission of the Month

So, I am going to try listing my goals for each month. I am hoping that by doing this I am keeping myself accountable and more likely to complete my goals. At the end of the month I will check off what has been accomplished. I got this idea from another blogger (her link is on the left) and I am hoping it works for me as well.
Here we go!
Goals for June:

  • Begin to paint the kitchen
  • Start meal planning system from Sparkpeople

  • Continue Proverbs 31 Bible study
  • Continue Read the Bible in 90 day challenge: this month I will read Exodus-Ezra
  • Continue Couch to 5k program
  • Continue Sparkpeople tracking system (Love it!!)
  • Lose 5 pounds
  • Blog three times a week
  • Read one educational article a week (I'm a teacher)
OK, so lets see how this works this month!



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  2. Hi Angie,
    I am enjoying your blog. They are very inspirational. Hope your having a great summer!

  3. Thanks for joining it! That is awesome that you are doing the B90 program!

  4. Stopping by from Mama Jenn's link-up-- I'm doing the Proverbs 31 study, too! I'm really liking it so far and learning a lot! I've also heard great things about C25K - maybe I'll get around to trying it this summer (after I have this baby next week...) :o)
    ~Kristen @ Trial & Error Homemaking