Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cruise Control

We were going to Little Rock today to get our son football cleats for this coming season. While I was driving my leg started to get uncomfortable while pressing on the gas and I realized that I could set the cruise control and rest my leg. I started thinking about our lives and how God has given us a cruise control if we choose to use it. It is a choice that we make, just like I had to choose to set the cruise control. God allows us to choose to let Him control our speed, we just have to remain alert and watch for hazards. Sometimes we have to press on the brake and slow down, but we can set the cruise again and let God handle the speed.
I love that my life is equiped with cruise control. I wish I did not wait for life to get uncomfortable to set the cruise. It is a feature in my car that is available to me anytime I want, just like in my life. I just have to give up the control and let God take over.