Sunday, December 16, 2012

God Was There

I can't even fathom the tragedy that happen Friday December 14,2012. My mind cannot comprehend what the families, children and staff must be going through. What the workers who have to clean up are dealing with. What the administration is facing on how to go back to a building where such violence occurred. But what I also can't understand is the people who really believe God was not there. Are you kidding me? God never left. He never will.
In all of history there has been tragedy. More than we can even think about. Tragedy is a continually circumstance. That does not mean that God is not here. He has a plan. Though we cannot see the end, He can.
I have seen many comments about how guns should be banned. They say we need more gun control. Or, children should not be sent to public school. The should be homeschooled and protected from evil. I say we should seek God!! We should draw so close to Him that we feel His presence at all times. Hiding our children at home will not stop evil. Banning guns will not stop evil. We need the protection and covering of an All Mighty Savior who has never left us. We left Him.
I don't know His plan. I don't know why this had to happen. I do know that not only was He there, His heart was breaking. Just as He watched the world despise His only Son. He has not left us. We left. We need to run to Him. We need to trust Him. We need to believe that He will use this tragedy for good, for His will.